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What is Saliwell?

Saliwell is an FDA approved Intraoral electro stimulation device that provides safe and effective relief of dry mouth by stimulating the salivary gland. The Saliwell electrostimulation device consists of a mouthpiece made to fit loosely on the patient’s mandibular dental arch and an infrared remote control. CLICK HERE to view common questions and answers

Saliwell is the FIRST FDA APPROVED medical device for patients with dry mouth (Xerostomia)

How to Purchase


If you are a patient interested in the Saliwell device

  1. Call your local dentist, they may choose to become a Saliwell provider.
  2. If your dentist does not wish to become a Saliwell provider, CLICK HERE to find a Saliwell provider


CLICK HERE to become a Saliwell Provider for your patients.